Macchina di raffreddamento ad assorbimento Max-Delbrüc


After a multimillion-dollar absorption cooler burned down shortly after it was put into operation, the technical department of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin was in search of a company that really knew its way around this technology. The specialists at GmbH took up the challenge and were awarded the contract for the tricky project. 


Work on the research campus began with the dismantling and removal of the defective machine and the costly disposal of the boiled-out lithium bromide mixture by a specialist company. But before that, a safety concept for the new plant had to be devised. Hydraulically, the machine was to be almost identical in design, but revised in terms of safety. Numerous rounds of coordination between the engineers of and the client followed until the solution was found and the production of the plant could be ordered. After conversion to decentralized emergency operation on the campus, the necessary adaptation work on the hydraulics of the overall system began. Then the new machine could be integrated into the system. Cold, cooling and hot water lines were connected and the exhaust system of the two combined heat and power plants was elaborately adapted to the new absorption chiller. The final challenge was the commissioning, which had to be carried out unexpectedly by remote access due to the first lockdown during the Corona pandemic. After three sleepless nights, we could finally exhale a sigh of relief: the commissioning had been successful. Since then, the plant has been operating flawlessly.


Robert-Rössle-Straße 10
13125 Berlin

Max-Delbrück-Centrums für Molekulare Medizin

Type of building


"Non sono mai stato così entusiasta come lo sono adesso per questo progetto".

Aspetti principali

  • Raffreddatore ad assorbimento bistadio 1.115 MW, peso 17 ton (refrigerante bromuro di litio)
  • WT freecooling 1,5 MW
  • Serbatoio di accumulo 12 m 3
  • 3 refrigeratori di pressione ibridi da 1,7 MW ciascuno
  • Integrazione in un sistema esistente con 3 CCM raffreddati ad acqua
  • Adeguamento al sistema dei gas di scarico delle due unità CHP
  • Integrazione nel sistema di controllo dell'edificio
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