Ristrutturazione elettrica dell'Ullsteinhaus


Built in the mid-1920s in the brick Expressionist style, the Ullsteinhaus is one of Berlin‘s modern landmarks that has remained intact to this day. After a change of ownership, the listed building in Tempelhof was to be successively modernized technically. D-I-E Elektro AG branch Altmann & Böhning has already been carrying out the comprehensive renovation of the electrical installation there since 2017. 


The team from EAG's Berlin branch Altmann & Böhning spent more than three years working their way through the historic Ullsteinhaus in Berlin-Tempelhof. After the new building from the 1950s, the electrical modernization of the old building up to the clock tower was carried out step by step. It wasn't clear from the start that the entire renovation of the gigantic building would be carried out. In order to be prepared for later conversions, the landlord opted for an all-round electrotechnical renewal. In addition to the complete low-voltage installation for the 60,000 m² of office and commercial space, the team from Altmann & Böhning carried out the installation of the main power supply starting with the metering equipment. Since the building is protected both internally and externally, the corresponding requirements had to be taken into account. For example, it was not easy to install the new LED lamps in the historic lamps of the six stairwells. Towards the end of the construction phase, the Altmann & Böhning team was in for another surprise. The owner decided to equip the site for e-mobility for the future and with 120 charging stations. To secure the energy required for this, two disused transformer stations were reactivated and lines were laid to a new station. The system now has a total capacity of 1,250 A and is ready for use when needed.


Ullsteinstraße 114-142
12109 Berlin
"Uno dei più grandi sistemi di allarme antincendio che abbiamo mai costruito".

Aspetti principali

  • Alimentazione principale con ca. 80 metri e 2 misuratori di media tensione
  • installazione completa a bassa tensione per 60.000 m 2 di uffici e spazi commerciali
  • Sistema di illuminazione di sicurezza con sistema a batteria centrale e ca. 500 singoli apparecchi a batteria
  • Sistema di rivelazione incendio diffuso con 14 centri di controllo collegati in rete e 4.000 componenti
  • Rete dati per diversi locatari incl. rete in fibra ottica con ca. 6.000 punti dati e diverse sale server
  • Rivitalizzazione di 6 scale elencate
  • Rete di alimentazione della mobilità elettrica con una potenza totale di 1.250 A per la struttura del pilastro di ricarica
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