Weißenburg wastewater treatment plant


The increasing number of anthropogenic trace substances such as pharmaceuticals or hormonally active substances in our waters can have long-term negative effects on aquatic organisms due to chronic pollution. One possibility to reduce inputs of trace substances is the retrofitting of municipal wastewater treatment plants with a 4th treatment stage.


By installing a large-scale plant for the elimination of trace substances at the municipal wastewater treatment plant Weißenburg, consisting of an ozonation plant with subsequent passage of two parallel operated filter systems (activated carbon and sand filter), operational experience with a 4th purification stage, knowledge of the elimination behavior and the effects on the water body are to be developed together with the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich and the State Office for the Environment.

The purpose-built building was equipped by us with state-of-the-art electrical and measurement technology. The associated programming as well as the integration into the existing Schraml process control system required the expertise of our system programmers for this pilot project.


Lehenwiesenweg 21
91781 Weißenburg

City of Weißenburg

Type of building

Wastewater treatment plant


Key facts

  • Wastewater treatment plant has the first fourth treatment stage with ozonation and activated carbon/sand filter in Germany (as a pilot project)
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