We help you make every area of your business sustainable from an energy and environmental perspective.

Sustainability is a large and complex world, which involves environmental (E) and social (S), and governance (G) issues. Our team of experts provides technical support for the reporting of all environmental and energy aspects relevant to your organization. Additionally, inewa supports you in outlining a strategic vision and defining an improvement plan with objectives and guidelines for your sustainability strategy.

Net - Zero strategies for decarbonization

The final goal is to develop a credible and sustainable strategy to gradually reduce CO2 emissions over time. Through this service bundle, we help you identify the most suitable mix of measures to decarbonize your organization and its processes while involving your supply chain in this process. Reach concreteness and sustainability by creating realistic strategies to share with your stakeholders. At the same time intervening on consumption reduction, coverage from renewables, process efficiency and compensation of hard to abate emissions to achieve your NET ZERO goal.
Carbon footprint & Management
The carbon footprint is one of inewa's assets for increasing environmental sustainability. A tool designed to follow you in reducing the environmental impact of your business with long-term strategies aimed at making your energy processes more efficient. The main phases of inewa's carbon footprint process: accounting (measurement of the carbon balance), definition of decarbonization-oriented strategies and operational development of sustainable solutions.
Certifications - ISO
A management system with a set of rules and procedures, defined by an internationally recognized standard, with which an organization complies to achieve certain objectives. ISO management systems certifications add value to organizations, representing a guarantee of reliability for customers, suppliers, employees, and collaborators. inewa is the perfect partner to accompany your company in obtaining ISO Certifications in the energy, environmental, and climate fields.
Support for Sustainability Report
The Sustainability Report is a document that contains information on the environmental, social, and economic impact of your company. It represents a real evaluation criterion for stakeholders, investors, banks, and large companies interested in your business. Thanks to a structured analysis process, the priorities are identified and placed at the center of your strategy, to achieve sustainable and long-lasting results.
Support for ESG Rating
inewa helps you integrate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors into your company. The integration of these topics is guaranteed by structural processes such as the analysis of the sustainability context, the identification of your companies and stakeholders' priorities, sustainability planning, and the implementation of specific actions to support your sustainability objectives.