About Us

inewa is the Italian ESCo that helps partners and customers achieve their clean energy and efficiency goals.

Elevion Group


Our vision for a sustainable future

The transition to a sustainable, zero-emission, and clean energy future in Europe is the only way we have to prepare ourselves to better face new energy crises. As well as making our economic systems and the society we live in more resilient. Thus, we need to produce even more green energy, utilizing the resources we have in our country, such as photovoltaics, biomass, geothermal energy, and, in the future, hydrogen. First thing, it is necessary to intervene to reduce consumption and eliminate energy waste, because there is no more sustainable kWh than one saved. The time to act is now!

Our mission: customized and transparent energy solutions

inewa concretely helps partners and customers carry out their energy transition with integrated, tailor-made, transparent, and sustainable solutions. We provide support to all organizations that want to reduce consumption, emissions, and the environmental impact of their processes and facilities. We believe in results transparency, measurability, and sustainability to build a consolidated relationship of trust at all stages of the process. We promote a "process" approach, creating solutions with ambitious medium and long-term objectives, that are at the same time realistically achievable.

Our 360 degrees approach
inewa was born from the recognition that to concretely help partners and customers realize their energy transition, it is necessary to fully support all the phases of the innovation process with competence, reliability, transparency, and passion. Through a complete range of services, we guarantee our customers the technical, financial, and operational skills necessary to accompany them in their efficiency and clean energy projects from the feasibility study to management over time.
Our certifications
As a UNI CEI 11352: 2014 certified ESCo, we build energy production plants from renewable sources and invest in projects with diversified financing and management models. With our consulting sector we offer consultancy and services in the field of energy, environment and innovation in compliance with the quality standards set by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.