Energy efficiency

There is no more sustainable kWh than one saved.

As an ESCo, we carry out energy efficiency projects integrated with tailor-made solutions and with the most efficient technologies on the market. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team we make our transversal know-how available to customers helping them reduce energy consumption and neutralize direct CO2 emissions generated by processes and facilities.
Co-and trigeneration
The cogeneration plants generate electricity and heat that can be used simultaneously, guaranteeing fuel savings compared to separate productions. In addition to producing electricity and heat for heating, trigeneration plants use part of the residual heat as energy to power the cooling system.
The energy efficiency intervention called relamping, involves replacing lighting bodies with LED bodies, this solution can effectively reduce energy waste and quickly recover the initial investment.
Heat Pumps
The heat pump is an extremely efficient renewable technology capable of performing air conditioning, heating, and domestic hot water production functions. This technology takes advantage of the free and unlimited differential accumulated in the ground, in the air, and in the surface and groundwater.
The goal of the HVAC system is to provide thermal comfort for the building occupants, guaranteeing savings in terms of installation, operation, and maintenance costs, while monitoring energy consumption in the rooms, and creating innovative systems.
Electric mobility represents a new experience of sustainable mobility. When talking about e-Mobility we refer to all those means of transport (cars, mopeds, bicycles, and scooters) and interconnected infrastructures, which utilize electricity as a primary source for the generation of mechanical energy for their operation. For us, this is a fundamental opportunity to support the decarbonization of the transport sector.

EPC & Operative Rental

As a certified ESCo, inewa offers tailor-made solutions based upon the needs of its customers and partners and intervenes in efficiency projects by financing them with its own capital or with diversified management models, in particular EPC (energy performance contracts), operational or turnkey solutions.

Operations & Maintenance

inewa offers a complete service of management and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on plants. Plant maintenance activities are constantly coordinated and supervised by qualified personnel. The staff who work in Operations & Maintenance are responsible for the correct functioning of the systems, guaranteeing full efficiency and functionality over time.