Renewable energy

Our goal? Energy autonomy (self-production) and zero emissions.

We guarantee our clients with stable production of clean energy from renewable energies starting from the potential we have in Italy.  
Over time we have acquired strong expertise in the design of photovoltaic systems. A photovoltaic system, in addition to supplying electricity directly from solar radiation, keeps costs stable over time and guarantees autonomous supply shielding clients from the volatility of energy costs. Solar energy represents an economically sustainable technology, that guarantees a return on the initial investment. inewa offers complete support for the construction of your photovoltaic system, from the authorization procedure to its construction and commissioning.
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Another renewable energy source in which inewa is specialized is bioenergy, which includes all forms of energy produced by biomass, bioliquids, and biogas. inewa is able to build biomass plants to transform waste into a precious resource for your energy production. We use organic waste and remains of agricultural and zootechnical processes to feed plants for the production of biogas and biomethane, without taking away spaces for crops for food use.
Geothermal - GEOZ
GEOZ is inewa's solution for the design and construction of high-efficiency geothermal systems. These innovative systems take advantage of the ground's thermal energy to generate heat in winter and cooling in summer. GEOZ is perfectly scalable, from buildings to neighborhoods. This technology can be combined with other thermal sources such as air, water or heat recovery to increase the overall system efficiency, ensuring a reduction in consumption and environmental impact, if compared to traditional systems.
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