Company policies

Ethical code
inewa and all its subsidiaries have defined a transparent and clear set of values upon which the company relies to achieve its objectives. The observance of our Ethical Code is essential for correct operation, reliability, and image of the Group. We strongly believe that these principles constitute the foundations for the current and future success and development of all the companies managed by the Group.
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Staff regulations
The company Elevion Holding Italia, has prepared regulations for employees and staff, in order to regularize and regulate the performance of the work activities of the Companies subject to the management and control of Elevion Holding Italia pursuant to and in accordance with Article 2497 of the Civil Code at each location and office where the work activity is carried out.
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Model 231 / 2001
inewa and all its subsidiaries have adopted an organizational model to protect safety and legality. Ultimately, aiming to prevent crimes carried out by its employees during work-related activities. The Model aims to create a complete internal control and an organizational system to improve coordination, control risk, resource availability as well as provide a legality rating for the company.