A new cross-border project of the Elevion Group for greater energy independence of Central Europe

Elevion Group has entered into the project of several high-efficiency cogeneration units in Northern Italy. The project consists of the construction and operation of 7 cogeneration units at 4 locations with an installed capacity of more than 26 MWe. The units will be installed along the SIOT-TAL oil pipeline and potentially can be fueled by biomethane in the future.

TAL (Transalpine pipeline route) is a 753 km long energy facility connecting the port of Trieste with Central Europe, covering the oil needs of Austria (90%), Czech Republic (50%) and southern Germany (100%). The TAL Group consists of three companies that operate in the countries crossed by the Pipeline and in Italy is represented by Società Italiana per l’Oleodotto Transalpino S.p.a. (SIOT).

These highly efficient cogeneration units will produce electricity to power the pumps that move oil across the Alps; the recovered thermal energy will be used to heat the crude oil and reduce its viscosity, thus facilitating its movement along the pipeline, allowing lower consumption and greater transport capacity to Central Europe.

"Cogeneration units are a very important building block for the energy transition because energy is produced where it is also used, no transport needed. They are also ready to run on biomethane to further reduce SIOT’s carbon footprint in the future. This form of generation – distributed and flexible – is complementary with the evolution of renewable energy" says Jaroslav Macek, CEO of Elevion Group.

Elevion Group will operate these units together with EnerProject, the energy service company based in Trieste that developed the project.

”We have been working on this project since 2018 and we are excited to start the collaboration with the Elevion Group. We have chosen this important international operator also because of its know-how and focus on biomethane" says Paolo Pacorini, CEO of EnerProject, that will remain as 30% partner in the project.