HERMOS AG enrolled member in the BIM Center Aachen

HERMOS AG, headquartered in Mistelgau/Bavaria, a subsidiary of the Elevion Group, has become a registered member of the BIM Center Aachen on May 1, 2021. The vision of the BIM Center Aachen is to provide continuous digitization of construction throughout the entire building lifecycle. HERMOS with its product FIS#, offers a manufacturer-independent platform for the integration of technical systems in buildings and industry. FIS# is a tool that has been successfully introduced in the market and offers optimal conditions to proactively support joint research and development projects.

HERMOS FIS# is to be integrated into BIM research and methods as a building control and building management system, so that a bridge can be created between the planning and operator phases of a construction project. This integration or connection is primarily intended to make model data from the design phase immediately usable in the planning as well as execution and operator phases, including the management and operating level (MBE). The BIM Center Aachen (BCA) in the Building Cluster addresses digitization in construction from a holistic perspective. In addition to the central method Building Information Modeling (BIM), the use of progressive technologies and methods, such as spatial information processing (GIS), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Reality Capturing and Cross Reality (XR), are therefore equally in focus.

The Center deliberately considers the digitization aspects from the perspective of manufacturers and companies involved in the trades with the aim of bringing BIM into execution. The focus is on the processes and interfaces after completion of the digital planning: prefabrication, manufacturing, logistics, assembly, construction execution and control, documentation, acceptance and commissioning, operation and maintenance as well as retrofitting and conversion. In addition to research, development and consulting, the Center on the RWTH Aachen Campus also supports qualification and certification in the field of BIM, acting as a cross-sector network of science and industry.