inewa has helped customers access incentives of over €2.4 million

Support in accessing available public funding is a key element for those wishing to carry out a complete renovation and energy efficiency of buildings.


Through its dedicated consulting services, during 2023 inewa | Member of Elevion Group, he has successfully followed up on 12 cases for a total of incentives already awarded of over 2.4 million euros.

One of the projects followed concerned the St. Barbara Retirement Home of the Municipality of San Leonardo in Passiria/St. Leonhard in Passeir, completely renovated according to the nZEB standard. Within this project inewa supported the client in accessing the financing of the Conto Termico 2.0, a particularly rewarding incentive for public bodies.

To ensure the success of the case, inewa | Members of Elevion Group have dialogued with the designers in the ante-operam and design phases to verify compliance with the requirements, prepared the technical documents required by  the GSE (Energy Services Manager), developed various simulations as well as energy audits and the Post-construction APE and interacted with the GSE until the customer receives the incentives.


Photo credits: Pfeifer Bernadette