New CEO for the German “Energy & Engineering Solutions” division

As per 1 September 2022, Jens Goldmund will be the CEO of the German “Energy & Engineering Solutions” division of Elevion Goup. In this role he will be member of the board of CEZ ESCO II GmbH, the German Elevion Group company with leading positions in the fields of energy services and engineering. Jens Goldmund will be reporting to Ingo Alphéus, who has joined Elevion in July 2022 as new Country Manager of Elevion Group in Germany and Austria and Chairman of the Boards of Directors of Elevion GmbH and CEZ ESCO II GmbH.

Jens Goldmund has a proven track record from various management roles in the German real estate and energy services industries. Previously, he worked as Head of the “Portfolios” business unit with GETEC Group.

“I am very pleased that Jens is joining our German team soon. He can look back on many years of experience in both real estate and energy services which will help us to offer integrated solutions for decarbonization. Among other projects, Jens has successfully contributed to developing partnering concepts with real estate companies for more sustainability in urban quarters,” says Jaroslav Macek, CEO of parent company Elevion Group B.V.

Daniel Rehm, currently managing the Energy & Engineering Solutions division, will remain on the board of directors of CEZ ESCO II until year-end 2022 and support Jens Goldmund in his first months in the new role.  Thereafter, Daniel will be fully dedicated to his role as Managing Director of Belectric GmbH.