New strategic acquisition in Netherlands

On 27 August 2021, Elevion Group took an equity stake in ZOHD Groep in Barneveld. ZOHD Groep consists of Zonnepanelen op het dak BV, Zonnepanelen op het dak Installaties BV and Energy Shift BV.

ZOHD is the leading sustainability partner for the agricultural industry in the Netherlands in the field of large-scale roof-mounted solar panels, battery, smart charging and smart grid solutions.

This strategic acquisition strengthens the position of ZOHD Groep in the Netherlands and abroad and provides a strong basis for further organic growth, acquisitions and development of new business initiatives in the field of sustainable energy supply.

ZOHD is the first acquisition of Elevion Group in the Netherlands, through which it will be able to further expand its activities in the Energy Service Companies (ESCO) field, aiming to become the leading company in the Dutch ESCO market.