Strategic growth on the Polish Market: Elevion Group Announces the Acquisition of Instal Bud Pecyna

The new era of Elevion Group´s strategic activities on the Polish market has been launched by the successful acquisition of Instal Bud Pecyna Sp. z o.o., company, one of the leading players in the construction industry in central Poland. This strategic transaction is Elevion Group´s testament to trust and a commitment to effective collaboration and the development of new opportunities in the Polish building energy solutions segment.

The company Instal Bud Pecyna is operating on the Polish design and construction market since 2012 and it specializes in the implementation of cooling, plumbing and air conditioning systems. The company focuses mainly on the construction of medium and large production and warehouse halls. Its acquisition complements Elevion Group’s services already offered by the Polish subsidiary Euroklimat, the leading general contractor for HVAC systems installations that provides installation, maintenance, and design services. “By integrating Instal Bud Pecyna company into our group, we achieve a strategically significant development of Elevion Group´s activities with regard to the expansion of the portfolio of products and services in Poland in the field of technical equipment for buildings” says Jaroslav Macek, CEO of Elevion Group.

Elevion Group will further pursue and govern activities of Instal Bud Pecyna through and in cooperation with its subsidiary Euroklimat. Both companies commit to synergy, focusing on industry consolidation and innovative solutions for clients that shall consequently accelerate market access. The management of all companies involved express optimism. "We are thrilled about the opportunities that come with this strategic collaboration with Elevion Group. Our company has always prioritized innovation and high standards in the construction industry, and now, through our partnership with Elevion Group, we have the chance to elevate our operations to a new level. Together, we aim to create not only efficient but also innovative solutions that will meet the expectations of our clients," says Wiktor Pecyna, CEO of Instal Bud Pecyna.

At Euroklimat, we take pride in creating teams of highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals. In collaboration with Instal Bud Pecyna, we are committed to the ongoing development of our workforce, aiming to position ourselves among the industry's forefront in introducing cutting-edge solutions” adds Michal Seidel, CEO of Euroklimat.