312 kWP solar power and 656 kWh energy storage


Steel production company Mouw Hoedliggers from Ede, in the Netherlands, had a power problem: they regularly needed more power than thet were able to get from there power connection. And that's a problem if you want to cut and weld steel massive steel beams. As an emergency solution, they had installed diesel generators to jump in when the power demand became too great. They could not get a larger connection from the grid operator, and they also did not want to chane production capacity or processes. So they needed a long-term solution. That's were PV and energy storage came in.


Zonnepanelen op het dak B.V. installed 760 solar panels, with a total of 312 kWP, on the flat roof of the production hall, and two large energy storage systems with a total storage capacity of 656 kWh. Calculations showed that this should be sufficient for the steel production company to always have enough power supply for the production of steel beams. The energy from the solar panels that is not consumed is immediately stored. Thus, the storage systems act as a kind of buffer tank. As soon as more electricity is needed than the grid can provide, the energy storage systems supplement it with the solar energy they themselves had generated and stored.


Mouw Hoedliggers | Steel construction company

Type of building

Production hall for steel construction


615k euros


Key Facts

  • 760 solar panels with a total power of 312 kWP
  • Two energy storage systems with a total capacity of 656 kWh
  • Supplies the company with enough power for cutting and welding steel beams
  • No more need of a diesel generator
  • Zonnepanelen op het dak B.V. is responsible for both PV and energy storage
  • This project was the thousandth project for Zonnepanelen op het dak B.V. (see link)
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