9,025 solar panels for Dutch animal nutrition company


Denkavit is a producer of young animal nutrition and wants to contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. Jacob Kroes, Program Lead Corporate Sustainability & Sales manager at Denkavit says: "As an industry, we've long focused on high production and quality, and we've done a great job. Now it's time to pay more attention to impact on the rest of the environment. Everyone agrees that this change is needed."

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Denkavit's sustainability efforts include solar panels on the roofs of several locations in the Netherlands, such Voorthuizen (9,025 panels) and Veghel (2,100 panels). These have an efficiency of over 25% of the required energy. Denkavit installed the panels thanks to governmental subsidy. Kroes: "I no longer see a way of doing business without asking ourselves what it means for the coming generations. Becoming more sustainable is a long road, so we have to commit to it in time. That's why we made it a strategic goal years ago. We depend on each other in the global food networks. We as Denkavit have a unique role in that."

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Type of building

Building complex in the heart of the Netherlands


2,1 M euros


Key facts

  • 9,025 solar panels
  • 2.742.195 kWh solar energy yearly
  • From trading organisation to global player in young animal nutrition
  • Zonnepanelen op het dak B.V. is responsible for PV

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