9,025 solar panels for Dutch animal nutrition company


Denkavit is a producer of young animal nutrition and wants to contribute to a more sustainable supply chain. Jacob Kroes, Program Lead Corporate Sustainability & Sales manager at Denkavit says: "As an industry, we've long focused on high production and quality, and we've done a great job. Now it's time to pay more attention to impact on the rest of the environment. Everyone agrees that this change is needed."


Denkavit's sustainability efforts include solar panels on the roofs of several locations in the Netherlands, such Voorthuizen (9,025 panels) and Veghel (2,100 panels). These have an efficiency of over 25% of the required energy. Denkavit installed the panels thanks to governmental subsidy. Kroes: "I no longer see a way of doing business without asking ourselves what it means for the coming generations. Becoming more sustainable is a long road, so we have to commit to it in time. That's why we made it a strategic goal years ago. We depend on each other in the global food networks. We as Denkavit have a unique role in that."



Type of building

Building complex in the heart of the Netherlands


2,1mil Euros


Key facts

  • 9,025 solar panels
  • 2.742.195 kWh solar energy yearly
  • From trading organisation to global player in young animal nutrition
  • Zonnepanelen op het dak B.V. is responsible for PV
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