BonnVisio, Bonner Bogen


BonnVisio Immobilienverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG is a private asset management company. The company develops office, gastronomy and hotel properties and constructs buildings with a lifestyle of the highest quality exclusively at selected locations.

The luxury hotel Kameha Grand with more than 200 rooms and a 1,300 sqm event hall is the striking center of the Bonner Bogen.
HERMOS realizes the MSR and control technology for BonnVisio and automates the ventilation of the building with a total of 24 ventilation systems. The heat and cold supply is provided by the energy center in the basement of the hotel. In addition to the hotel, this also supplies the Bonner Bogen base complex.


  • Sustainable energy concept that enables independence from fossil fuels
  • Exemplary symbiosis of energy efficiency and comfort
  • Cost-optimized system operation
  • Open system structure enables central monitoring and control concepts to be integrated

The core of the energy center is one of the largest groundwater geothermal plants in Europe.


Rheinwerkallee 3
53227 Bonn

BonnVisio Immobilienverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG

Type of building



Key Facts

Bus systems: M-Bus
Manufacturer PLC and quantity: PCD3 (SAIA), BACnet/IP; T760 (SAIA), Profi S-Net;
Physical data points: 40.000
Virtual data points: 280.000

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