British American Tobacco Bayreuth


British American Tobacco Germany GmbH is a subsidiary of the BAT Group based in London. At the Bayreuth site, Germany’s third-largest tobacco group produces DIET (Dry Ice expanded Tobacco), plug tobacco (Make Your Own) and Casing & Flavour for the national and international market. In addition, a large consolidation warehouse for finished and semi-finished products is located here. FIS is used in these production and storage areas for the visualization, monitoring and operation of the systems. FIS is the link between the plant database and the controllers and is responsible for order handling, data and message forwarding, certain reactions to plant events, as well as responses to check requests from the controller.


  • Communication possibility of the plant database with the controllers
  • Centralized data acquisition and analysis
  • Sending the order data to the individual plants
  • Validate and respond to inspection requests from the controllers
  • Visualization software for operation and monitoring of the equipment in the production and storage area.
  • Data and message forwarding – reaction to plant events and check requests from the control system
  • Modular structure of the plant units


Weiherstraße 26
95448 Bayreuth

British American Tobacco Germany

Type of building

Production and storage areas


Technical information

Bus systems: Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Manufacturer PLC and number: 45 SIMATIC controllers (old S5 controllers to new S7-1500)
Physical data points: approx. 30.000 data points
Virtual data points: only approx. 300 data points

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