CHP remotorization in just 14 days


SERCOO ENERGY built a combined heat and power plant with two MWM TCG 2016 V8 C gensets for AES GmbH at the Rothmühle landfill site in Bergrheinfeld and was commissioned to carry out full maintenance. After 48,000 operating hours, the E70 overhaul was due. As two identical gensets were installed in one engine room, the challenge was to remove and reinstall the genset to be overhauled in the shortest possible time in order to keep the downtimes of the plant as short as possible.


Both units have a motor circuit cooling system and are connected to the overall heating circuit. To avoid having to shut down both units, the service team first decoupled the heat circuit, removed the unit to be overhauled, dismantled and cleaned it. For the overhaul, SERCOO ENERGY recommended the use of a previously overhauled longblock, which, unlike the shortblock, not only contains a completely overhauled basic engine, but also additional components. As a result, SERCOO ENERGY saved 10 days - 10 days in which the customer was able to utilize its biogas and feed electricity into the grid. The advantage of the time saving outweighed the disadvantage of the higher acquisition costs and meant a monetary advantage of 25,000 euros for the customer.


AES GmbH, Deponie Rothmühle


Key Facts

  • E70 Major overhaul of a CHP unit
  • Use of a long block instead of a short block 
  • Time saving of 10 days (14 versus 24 days) 
  • A monetary benefit of 25,000 euros for the customer
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