Ortisei (BZ)

Cogeneration for the Hotel ADLER


Installation of two “Otto” cycle cogeneration modules with internal combustion, fueled by natural gas with 4 aligned cylinders and combustion chambers, which produce electricity that covers part of the needs of the hotel.


Compared to the separate production of thermal and electrical energy, cogeneration makes it possible an increase in efficiency by approx. 30%. The real-time management system of the plants allows to maintain over time these levels of efficiency. The installation of the new system allows an annual primary energy saving of 24% and 55% in terms of emissions. The plant is fully automated, the system decides where to get the energy, from the motors or from the boiler, depending on the heat requirement. The same is true for electricity since, in the event of a shutdown of the motors, the current would be taken directly from the network and the hotel would not suffer from the slightest difficulty. The two cogeneration modules are remotely controlled 24h/24, seven days a week. Any alarm message is detected and, depending on the type, resolution procedures are initiated in agreement with the person in charge of the maintenance. 


Ortisei (BZ)

Hotel ADLER Dolomiti Spa & Sport Resort

Type of building

Installation of two cogeneration modules

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