Construction of a water treatment station


Metrolog Sp. z o.o. won a public tender for the task entitled 'Construction of a Water Treatment Station on Makuszyńskiego Street in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie'. The contract was carried out on behalf of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie commune. The main objective of the investment was to ensure the stability of the production and distribution of treated water for a town with a population of over 11,000.

The existing treatment station did not ensure the production of an adequate quantity of treated water during peak consumption periods. The town had to make use of the possibility of purchasing water from neighbouring municipalities. In addition, due to increasingly frequent periods of drought, the city could not ensure the stability of the water supply for its residents.


The project included the construction of a new water treatment building with garage space, two concrete clean water retention tanks with a capacity of 300 m3 each, rinse water tank, and water - sewerage and electrical power underground infrastructure. Paved internal roads and a manoeuvring area also had to be constructed.

In the building installed: water treatment system based on two aerators with a diameter of 1800 mm and four pressure filters with a diameter of 2400 mm, a compressed air system and a regeneration system equipped with an air blower and a flushing pump. The system is capable of treating 240 m3 of water per hour. A hydrophore set consisting of six pumps with a maximum capacity of 240 m3/h was also installed in the building. The set draws treated water from retention tanks and feeds the water supply system. By installing a 180 kW power generator, the facility can produce and distribute water even during power cuts.     

The water treatment station ensured the supply of water at the right quality, quantity and pressure.
As a result of the investment, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie is now completely independent of other municipalities and is able to ensure a stable uninterrupted water supply for all the town's residents.


Nowe Miasto Lubawskie commune

Type of building

Water treatment station

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