Construction of a Water Treatment Station in Huta


Metrolog Sp. z o.o. won a public tender for the execution of the task entitled "Construction of a Water Treatment Station in Huta, Municipality of Lututów". The main objective of this investment was construction of a modern facility equipped with technology enabling production of drinking water of appropriate quality, quantity and pressure parameters.


The project included the construction of a new water treatment building, two water retention tanks with a capacity of 100 m3 each, a rinse water tank, as well as water - sewage and electric power underground infrastructure.

The building has been also fitted with: a water treatment system based on an aerator with a  diameter of 1400 mm and two pressure filters with a diameter of 1800 mm, a compressed air system and a regeneration system equipped with an air blower and a rinse pump. The system is capable of treating 200 m3 of water per day. There is also a hydrophore set consisting of four pumps with a maximum capacity of 75  m3/h. The set draws treated water from water reservoirs and feeds the water supply system.

Thanks to the installation of a 98.0 kVA/78.0 kW generator, the treatment station can produce and distribute water even during power outages. In addition, a 50 kWp photovoltaic installation on a free-standing structure was built, which will provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of electricity for the station's own needs.

Thanks to the complete automation of the water treatment station, it is possible to continuously monitor the treatment process.


Municipality of Lututów

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