Dr. R. Pfleger GmbH


As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, Dr. R. Pfleger depends on precisely defined climatic conditions in the various work areas (production, clean rooms, active ingredient manufacture, packaging, offices). HERMOS ensures this by precisely controlling the technical systems. As a comprehensive control system, FIS enables the monitoring of room air conditioning values (temperature, pressure and humidity), machine messages and motion detectors. Unauthorized access can be detected and reported by evaluating door and window contacts. Automatic forwarding of collective messages to specified e-mail and SMS recipients.


  • Building control system for the entire Bamberg property
  • Support of maintenance staff by automatic dispatch of fault messages (cost saving)
  • Switching of systems according to holiday and time schedules (convenience and cost savings)

Production: Compatibility with FDA CFG21/11 and GAMP4, validated data loggers for humidity, pressure and temperature (HYGROLOG NT from ROTRONIC), certified monitoring software HW4. Collective messages that have not been processed for a certain period of time can be forwarded by SMS/e-mail.


Dr. R. Pfleger GmbH
96052 Bamberg

Dr. R. Pfleger GmbH


Key Facts


Bus systems: Profibus/Profinet/KNX/Ethernet
Manufacturer PLC and number: ~16x S7 3xx, 10x S7 15xx, 1x KNX
Physical data points: ~ 11.000
Virtual data points: ~ 35.000

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