S. Pietro in Casale (BO)

Energy from biogas feeds CHP


Biogas and biomethane production from zootechnical waste.


Design and installation of a high efficiency CHP to produce electricity and heat (hot water). Operation in a cogeneration system, reusing heat from the plant for heating the digester and for the domestic heating of houses adjacent to the farm, through a district heating network. Design of the plant upgrade to produce biomethane.


S. Pietro in Casale (BO)

Key Facts

  • Digesters: 4,400 m3
  • Digestate: storage 4,800 m3
  • CHP power: 300 kWe
  • Feeding hopper: 20 m3
  • Electricity production: 2,490 MWh / year
  • Incentive rate: €0.28/MWh
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