Local heating in Basdorf


Heat supply for residential and commercial buildings via a local heating network in Basdorf


Construction and operational management of the heat supply system with the following services: Heat supply, plant operation, plant service, metering services, direct billing and customer service.


u.a. Vonovia, Neues Wohnen WG, Eckert GbR, div. EFH, Hotel Barnimer Hof


Key Facts

  • Contract period: 20 years
  • Approx. 90 % of heat from high-efficiency CHP, primary energy factor 0.3
  • Complies with the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II)
  • 350 residential units and EFH, 50 commercial units
  • Heating capacity: 2 MW
  • Energy data management system: control of the central station and substations, pumps and other actuators
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