New construction of the Vitos Clinic in Bad Homburg


In 2018, the foundation stone for the construction of the Vitos Clinic in Bad Homburg was laid. The new building comprises five full storeys including underground parking. The project order from EAB GmbH Rhein/Main included the complete high- and low-voltage installation including safety technology. During the 24-month construction period, an average of 15-20 employees were on site. In February 2021, the Vitos Clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics went into operation and can admit a total of 125 patients – 25 per ward – as inpatients. The new building of the Vitos clinic is part of the Bad Homburg health campus, which, as a health center, covers all major medical disciplines.


In addition to bright stations, a special lighting concept and a colour concept were integrated into the concept of the new building, which is intended to serve as orientation. The lighting system comprises 2500 luminaires which have been implemented in 150 individual positions according to the specifications of a lighting planner.

Starting with the medium-voltage system including an oil-transformer with a size of 20 KV 630 KVA, the emergency power system with 350 KW, general and safety supply low-voltage system up to the 30 sub-distribution boards, some with functional integrity, the basic electrical equipment of the building has been covered.

In addition, around 175,000 m of high-voltage cables including support systems and 150,000 m of low-voltage cables were laid. The lighting system comprises around 2500 luminaires. The lighting is partly controlled with DALI. In individual rooms, for example, the lighting simulation was adapted by our building automation department to the natural circadian rhythm with sunrise and sunset.


Vitos Clinic in Bad Homburg


Key Facts

  • Medium voltage system incl. oil transformer 20KV 630KVA
  • Emergency power supply system with 350 KW
  • Low-voltage systems for general power as well as for safety power supply
  • 30 sub-distributors, partly in functional maintenance
  • 140.000m power cable incl. support systems
  • 100.000m low voltage cable
  • 6000 installations
  • Lighting system with 2500 luminaires with approx. 150 individual positions according to the specifications of a lighting planner
  • IT system with 12 data distributors and around 2000 data sockets
  • BOS and BMA system with around 1000 detectors incl. alarm.
  • Nurse call system with around 250 participants
  • Door control system, access system and intercom system with around 30 doors
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