Renovation of an office building


Core renovation of an office building in Eschborn. The building consists of 15 floors, 2 of which are underground.


  • The tasks included:
    • Installation of the various data networks for tenants and building services, consisting of fiber optic and copper cabling, assembly and equipping of the data distributors, including preparation of the measurement protocols.
    • Construction and assembly of a tenant-owned data center incl. UPS supply
    • Construction and cabling of the power supply for the various rental units with meter - main distributions and sub-distributions
    • Maintenance, repair and extension of the existing low-voltage main distributions
    • Wiring and installation of a central battery system as well as security lighting
    • Wiring and installation of the new lighting system consisting of downlights, power rails, direct - and indirect light rails
    • Installation - and programming of the KNX control incl. visualization for the operation of the lights, blinds and fault messages
    • Creation of internal potential equalization
    • Wiring and installation of the new fire alarm system
    • Cabling and installation of the new voice alarm system
    • Wiring of the access control system
    • Cabling and connection of the MSR according to specification
    • Fire protection measures


Frankfurter Str. 60-68
65760 Eschborn

Grundstücks GmbH

Type of building


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