Magnice, Wrocław

Clean air at HTG for production


THG Wroclaw is a food and cosmetics manufacturing and fulfilment facility that allows more efficient access across Europe. Consists of both production and logistics center as well as integrated office space.



  • Air Handling Units by Vortice were mounted with air volume 67 000 m3/h of each.
  • Food clean production areas requires both the environmental temperature for occupant comfort and the environmental temperature needed for process operations. Following the requirements from the reference design of the existing hall – the Omega Plant in the Warrington [UK] the ductwork was made of Spiralite Insulated Ducts assuring heating, cooling and ventilating. Spiralite is circular and flat oval non-metallic insulated HVAC ductwork manufactured by Khansaheb Industries, Dubai, UAE.

Dust extract system

  • To avoid the risk of dust emissions into the air the central dust extraction system were mounted. Starting with the duct extract arms, through the ducts, ending with explosion relief valves, cartridge filters and fans manufactured by Nederman, Denmark.

Compressed air

  • Three compressors manufactured by BOGE installed inside together with associated equipment related to the production of the compressed air to support the processes undertaken in both the production areas and some utility devices inside the planthouse. Air quality class: ISO8573-1:2010 – class 1:2:2 with required pressure 7.0 bar.
  • Chilled water system. The primary chilled water system was installed to provide water supply for the AHU cooling coils. Chillers, manufactured by Emicon, each of 512,4kW of capacity were installed above the planthouse roof.


Magnice, Wrocław

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