Water Treatment Station in Kobylec and Potulice


Metrolog completed two investment projects involving the modernisation and expansion of water treatment stations in Kobylec and Potulice, carried out under the 'design and build' formula. The main objective of the investments was to install modern water treatment technologies to improve the quality of water and stabilise the pressure supplied to individual consumers and local businesses. During the modernisation of the water treatment stations, the constant availability of water was ensured.


The same technological solutions were used in both projects. The existing filtration system was replaced with a new system consisting of water aeration and pressure filters with piping made of bonded PVC-U pipes. The new system uses a tubular water/air mixer with a diameter with 160 mm in diameter and an aerator with a diameter of 1600 mm. Additionally, as part of the expansion, water retention was increased through the construction of an additional 100 m3 clean water tank, bringing the total retention capacity to 300 m3. During the implementation of the projects, two deep-water intakes were upgraded, each generating a flow of 120 m3/h. Pressure-boosting plants were used to maintain stable pressure in the water supply network; they pump water from the retention reservoirs. Once the filtration process is complete, the water passes through an automatic sodium hypochlorite dosing system for the purpose of disinfection. Furthermore, a comprehensive modernisation of the power and control infrastructure was carried out, and underground utility networks were replaced. Thanks to the fully automated operation of the water treatment station, a remote monitoring and control of technological processes is possible.


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