Elevion Group strengthens focus on ESG strategies and appoints Nikolaus Widmann as Chief Innovation and Sustainability Strategy Officer

As a leading European energy service company Elevion Group is committed to drive the transition actively and concretely towards a greener and more sustainable society within the framework of the EU Green Deal. With the growing importance of ESG standards, the company strengthens its focus on supporting its clients in their related strategies with the goal of becoming carbon neutral whilst maintaining their competitiveness in a post-pandemic future.

In a move to enhance its commitment to its clients Elevion Group appointed Nikolaus Widmann as Chief Innovation and Sustainability Strategy Officer of Elevion Group, effective from 3th of November, 2021.

As a new member of the executive board, Nikolaus Widmann will be responsible for developing smart and innovative solutions to support clients in considering sustainability as an economic opportunity and developing a strategic vision based on energy efficiency and decentral generation of renewable energies to create long-term value for the companies, the environment and society.

Over the past years, Nikolaus Widmann, in his role of CEO of Inewa, has developed and implemented an integrated approach to sustainability, based on defining tailor-made strategies and solutions with a mix of soft and structural actions that enable companies to get the most out of their sustainability initiatives.

Jaroslav Macek, CEO of Elevion Group comments: “Nikolaus has demonstrated a deep understanding of European markets dynamics and new priorities in terms of sustainability for our clients` strategies. I am therefore confident that we have picked the most qualified candidate who will make a great contribution to our clients in expanding existing services and developing new ones”.

Nikolaus Widmann says: “I am honored to take on this role, which represents a very important challenge to me. I believe that we as the Elevion Group can play a key role in the European energy transition, as the greenest kilowatt is the one that is saved. Therefore, I look forward to empowering our customers in taking climate action and helping them with their personal energy transition. “

Through its broad network of companies and expertise Elevion Group can provide clients across Europe with an integrated approach by offering customized, science-based and future-oriented solutions that enable customers to optimize the sustainability performance in their buildings, operations and throughout the whole value chain.